Custom SPfilter (S&P500)

For this week’s content analysis we’re providing the structure and results of the custom filter we’ve built on May 27th, but now focusing on the S&P500. This filter puts an emphasis on three key evaluation areas:

1. Generation of shareholder wealth (EVA/Share, Economic Performance Index, return on capital)

2. Growth (short and mid-term growth of EVA/Share, dividend growth in each of the past four years)

3. Free Cash-Flow provision

Only 4% (20 of 500) of the S&P500 meets our stated criteria.

The results are sorted by Economic Performance Index (EPI). We’ve included a few other indicators for reference—see share price, Price/Earnings, current 12-month dividend yield.

In the attached Excel document you’ll find both the contents and criteria inputs for the filter, as well as the 20 resulting companies which passed these criteria.  Download