The reference for data and APIs for WealthTech and Fintech.

We offer the broadest range of API to support your needs. We partner with leading provider of content such as Factset and Morningstar as well as our own curated information to make it easier to implement and maintain.

Financial data orchestrator for modeling, analytics, machine learning, and ETL

Inovestor makes it easy to access on-demand enterprise datasets and analytics to feed the most demanding users through state of the art delivery systems. Access a comprensive list of the world’s best providers of financial and non financial data sets easily consumed using RESTful API’s, JSON , CSV files or our ETL platform.

Developers, Data Scientists, AI/ML researchers, analysts and portfolio managers can leverage our expertise to access effortlessly Inovestor’s datasets and curated third-parties and interact directly with our preset models.

Data Sets

Master Data Reference Data & Deciphers

Reference Data

Entity Deciphers

Instruments Deciphers

Industry Deciphers

Data Types


Market Data

Corporate Actions

Mutual Funds


Market Data Historical

Forex/Crypto currencies


Options & futures

Earnings & News

Fixed Income & rates

Macro Econony


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Analytics APIs





Technical Analysis

True NAV

Workflow APIs

Portfolio Analysis

Investment Proposals


Open Finance


Robo Advisor

Model Portfolio


Margin Calculator

Roll Calculator

Option Calculator


Why Inovestor?

Leverage fast, on-demand access to a wide range of financial data sets with our API Solutions. Receive the data you need, when you need it. Secure machine to machine access with fewer resources required than traditional data feeds. A comprehensive range of financial data for help with analysis, risk management and investment decisions. Access updated data in real time to power your internal models, applications, web pages, or put into a database.

Built using Open Data in mind

All of our API use open data for reference so that anything you develop is independant of the provider.

Scale with Microsoft Azure

Inovestor API software and infrastructure is cloud native and capacity is limited only by your imagination… and budget.

Competitive Pricing

We provide multiple packages that allow you to pay for what you consume.

Start in Minutes for Free

Built by developers for developers. Test one of Inovestor API and see for yourself just how easy it is to integrate financial data into your applications.

Get access to real data within minutes of applying

  • Free API calls
  • 7-day trial
  • Access to support and domain experts
  • Sample code and documentation
  • Advanced developer experience is recommended for API testing.

Looking for a no-code option to learn more about our products? Contact Inovestor for a demonstration or check out our demo.