Inovestor Reseller Program

Generate Revenues

By joining our program, you can generate passive income by offering your content to our customers or sell Inovestor data to your channels.

Research Platform

Inovestor is constantly looking for partners to add content to complement our investment platform

Inovestor Data

Inovestor offers generous revenue share program to third-party platform to offer our exclusive data content

Your Data

We can sell your data on our platform. We help you connect to financial institutions, universities and data scientists across the globe.

Join a network of data vendors to offer an integrated experience to users

What you get from Inovestor Reseller Program

Accelerated innovation

Our API distribution infrastructure is one of the most advanced where we control distribution rights, management, licensing and capacity.

Seamless Integration

Inovestor’s Open Data integration allows clients to seamlessly integrate vendors without the complexity of instruments mapping and characteristics.

Specific Expertise

We are the pionneers in distributing financial information. Since 1999, we have built an expetise that is unmatched.

End-to-end Workflows

Inovestor manages the end-to-end workflow and provides customers with the ability to deliver quicker

Quality Guaranteed

By using our network, enjoy tier 1 data and tier 1 architecture.

Flexible Access

Weather your sell our data or we sell your data, Inovestor offers flexible plans to match your needs.

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