Release Notes 20220308.1


This post details the changes that went into production for Inovestor For Advisors on March 8th 2022:

Feature 1

EPS and Revenue Estimates on Stock Page

You now have access to a company’s EPS and Revenue estimates, powered by Estimize, an industry leader in crowdsourcing earnings estimates. Under the new “Estimates” tab, you can compare the Estimize and Wall Street consensus with actual results for past quarters, and while also viewing the estimates for upcoming quarters. You will also find the year-over-year growth, and earnings “beat” or “missed” for each quarter.

Feature 2

EPS and Revenue Estimates in My Portfolios

In your portfolios, you can now find the most recent quarterly earnings for your holdings. For each holding, you will find the consensus estimates, the actual results, the year-over-year growth, and earnings “beat” or “missed” for both EPS and Revenues.