Portfolio Manager’s Q3 Commentary

The S&P/TSX Composite Total Return Index increased by 2.5% in the third quarter. This adds to this years’ gains for a YTD return of 19.1%. During Q3, the S&P500 produced a 1.2% return for a YTD rate of 18.7% and the MSCI ACWI ex USA posted a 1.1% return leading to a 16.6% YTD total return.

Over the 3rd quarter, most company results were inline or better than expected. Interest sensitive sectors such as Utilities and REITS performed the best due to lower long-term interest rates.

In addition, the FED confirmed its dovish stance by reflecting the FED meeting minutes that were perceived to be accommodating. The FED had hinted that they would be open to reduce rates further if economic slowdown was visible. As a result, the Financials sector had the strongest sector rally in the month of September compared to the rest of the market.

NQICA in Q3 returned 3.9% leading to a YTD return of 21.1% versus the S&P/TSX composite which returned 2.5% in Q3 and 19.1% YTD. The one-year return for NQICA is 8.2% in comparison to the S&P/TSX which generated 7.1%.

The worst performers in the NQICA in Q3 were Stella Jones (SJ) with a return of -17.8%, due to the departure of the CEO, and CCL Industries (CCL.B) with a -16.52% return, due to poor quarterly results and increased insider selling. On the other hand, the best performers were Equitable Group (EQB) up 43.46%, due to excellent quarterly results and improvement in the Canadian real estate statistics, and Metro Inc. (MRU) up 19.11% based on great earnings and a positive update on the integration o the Jean-Coutu acquisition.