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The New Score Card Explained

As of September 18th, StockPointer subscribers will have access to a new ScoreCard that will provide more information and more accurate insights to investors. All legacy data remains but will now be displayed differently on the updated version of ScoreCard.

In addition to the upgraded user-interface, three new features have been added:

  • A new rating service that rates companies as Positive, Neutral, or Negative to provide a fundamental outlook of the company
  • A new factors exposure feature that scans the fundamentals of the company by looking at the quality, value, and growth factors as well as the risk exposure
  • Live market data versus the previous day data that featured in the older version

The menu has also been expanded to add a peers section and the navigation tab has been streamlined.

Score Box

The SP Score is a proprietary scoring system based on StockPointer’s model. It’s a 12-factor algorithm and looks at quality and value factors. The weight for quality is 75% and 25% for value.

Positive Outlook: A company with sound financials that is generating higher returns on capital than costs of capital and is trading at a reasonable price.

Negative Outlook: A company that is risky and creates very little to no wealth for its shareholders.

Neutral: The stock may have both positive and negative characteristics and fundamentally does not offer enough Quality and Value factors to score well.


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