Top 20 SPscore – Canada

For this week’s content analysis, we will revisit the Canadian EVA Top 20 Performers. Over the past two weeks, several companies’ Q2 results were updated in our Stockpointer database. You will also find at the bottom of the attached document a list of companies – within the Top 20 – that are scheduled to report in the coming weeks.  Download

The most recent publication of the Canadian Top 20 on our blog took place during the week of April 27th. Since then, the performance of this equally weighted group is -2.39%. During the same period, the S&P/TSX Composite index yielded a return of -6.47%. Please note that our calculations are based on today’s mid-day prices (August 6th) and that dividends were not included in our calculations for both the EVA Top 20 and the benchmark.