Foot Locker (FL)

In today’s content analysis, we discuss about Foot Locker (FL), which announced its third quarter results last Friday. FL is currently among the best buying opportunities in the US – Consumer Discretionary sector. Download

Thanks to the latest results, the intrinsic value went from $89.50 to $97, an increase of approximately 8.5%. This was caused by an improvement in economic performance, with the return on capital now at its highest level in five years. Over the past 5 years, Foot Locker has continued to invest in its capital, and these investments have always had a beneficial effect on the NOPAT. The total EVA generated by the company has also been constantly rising since January 2015.

FL shares are also trading at attractive multiples. The P/IV ratio is of 0.75, reflecting a potential price appreciation of more than 30%. This spread between the stock price and intrinsic value is the highest observed for this stock over the last 5 years. The future growth value (FGV) of 7% confirms the stock is trading at very reasonable levels. This 7% premium is small when considering that the Current Operating Value (COV) has increased at much higher rates (15% in the last 12 months) over the past 3 years.

The accounting performance also offers all the attributes we are looking for. Revenues, operating profits and earnings per share are increasing steadily every year. In addition, the company regularly increases its dividend. The average annual growth rate has been of 11% per year for the past 5 years. Foot Locker generates positive free cash-flows, which has allowed the management to repurchase approximately 3% per year of its outstanding shares while reducing its long-term debt.