Release Notes 20191121.1


This post details the changes that went into Production for Inovestor for Advisor on November 21, 2019.

We are proud to launch on our 20th anniversary the best portfolio available to advisors. This portfolio can now track your performance, track asset allocations, and you can now easily evaluate your prospect’s portfolio.

Feature 1

Supports Currencies

The portfolio supports multi-currencies, with a base currency. You can select the base currency and decide if your account supports cash balances in one of our multiple currencies. This feature allows tracking daily performance and provides specific periodic performance. For example, a portfolio tracking the S&P 500 will not have the same performance in US$ as in another currency.

Feature 2

Automated Corporate Actions

The portfolio automatically applies corporate actions to all positions. Dividends, distributions, stock splits, and consolidations are automatically applied to the portfolio, helping you maintain accuracy and performance.

Feature 3


The main feature of the portfolio is the time-weighted returns (TWR) that are now available. You can track the performance of your portfolios for any given time frame as the performance is calculated daily. The information is available on the new dashboard.

Feature 4

Allocations Breakdowns

It supports the portfolio breakdowns for asset classes, sectors, currencies, and countries. This feature is the most advanced feature available on the market and is usually reserved for more expensive systems.

Enhancement 1

Mutual Funds Includes Class F

Class F and other advisers’ series are now available in the portfolio.

Enhancement 2

New Menu Setup and Improved Activities

The portfolio menu was modified to support the new dashboard, and activities were promoted to the main menu instead of the holding tab.


This release also contains several bug fixes and text and error message changes throughout the application.