Nasdaq launches Nasdaq Inovestor Global Index


Nasdaq launches Nasdaq Inovestor Global Index 

Due to your constant support with regards to the INOC ETF, the Inovestor team is proud to announce the launch of the Nasdaq Inovestor Global Index (NQIGLO) which will be replicating the strategy used in our US and ADR model portfolios. The index is composed of 50 stocks, half of the holdings are US and the rest are international.

Due to the launch of the INOC ETF and the NQIGLO index, we are implementing a conflict of interest policy in relation to our various customers, suppliers and partners. We will now announce trades in our portfolios on the second Friday of the month after markets close.

For more details on the rebalancements, do not hesitate to refer to this article in our support platform.

Dates for the upcoming rebalancements:

US and ADR portfolios 9/03/2018

Canadian portfolio 13/04/2018

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by phone on 514-287-0011 ext. 2, it will be a pleasure to respond to your questions.

The Inovestor Team