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Release Notes 20220426.1

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This post details the changes that went into production for Inovestor For Advisors on April 26th 2022:

Feature 1

Earnings Calendar

You can now view upcoming and past earnings results for US listed companies. Estimates are powered by Estimize, an industry leader in crowdsourcing companies earnings estimates. Switch between EPS and Revenue results, and filter by Sector to narrow your search. Actual results are updated the following day. We plan on adding more features to this new Calendar page in the months to come – Stay tuned!


Enhancement 1

StockGuide UX (for paid StockGuide subscribers)

Changes were made to improve your work flow. Datasets have been reorganized so you can quickly identify the template and data source you’re looking for. Other improvements allow you to select companies much quicker, so you can dive straight into the data and spend less time setting parameters. You can finally share the results of your custom spreadsheets/screeners with the click of a button! The Share feature allows you to generate a unique link to your work, so you can easily send to others without the need to export.

Bug Fixes

This release contains several bug fixes and text changes throughout the application.