Number Cruncher Extra: Home Depot, O’Reilly Automotive & Tractor Supply Company

In our last Number Cruncher we discussed how Home Depot (HD), O’Reilly Automotive (ORLY) & Tractor Supply Company (TSCO) could be good candidates to take advantage of the economic recovery. Now, we’re going to look at these stocks with our Stockpointer software.

Here is the screener we used to find these incredible companies

Let’s start with Home Depot


the company has a high score of 68 in our system. It did not experience significant sales growth, but it did increase the most important metric, the EPS. its performance spread continues to increase, which means that the company is increasing its return on capital while maintaining adequate risk for the return on capital achieved


Home Depot has an incredible track record which makes it a high quality stock. It is first in all categories except for the return on equity which can be ignored as the company has negative equity due to the many dividends paid and share buybacks that have been made.

O’reilly Automotive has a similar profile than Home Depot, but with a bigger focus on growth specially in the short-term. It has a solid score of 60 with a higher risk perceived by our software. On the other hand, the beta of 0.92 indicates that the stock should be as much volatile than the market.


The growth of O’reilly Automotive is impressive because of its magnitude, but also due to its stability. Sales, operating profit and net income were up every year and stock has been repurchased every year also. There is approximately 25% less share outstanding than in June 2016.

Tractor Supply Company as a strong score of 62 while being identified as a growth, quality and low risk stock. The performance spread is increasing at a rapid pace, specificly 68.3% (relatively to its past performance spread) which is spectacular. Unsurprisingly EPS are up 29.8% year-over-year.

The company has a strong short-term momentum, but we cannot conclude it is the only reason. There is a clear break in the growth of its net operating profit in 2018. In March 2017, the company changed its Chief Financial Officer. It is not known if this decision alone made a difference, but it could be one of the reasons.

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