Number Cruncher Extra

Defensive Stocks with High Dividend Growth & Sustainability: BWX Technologies Inc, Quebecor Inc & Telus

In our last Number Cruncher, BWX Technologies Inc, Quebecor Inc & Telus were the top 3 in our screen. In this Number Cruncher Extra, we will go into more detail about these companies in Stockpointer.

The company has a significant SP Score of 60. In the short-term, sales, earnings per share and performance spread is uptrending. The stock clearly has momentum in its fundamentals. The long-term perspective is also good with solid past growth in all the variables. Briefly, it is difficult to say anything negative about these numbers except for the risk score which stands at 48. It’s a bit high, but the performance score of 87 surely compensate that risk.


This is the factor comparaison of BWX Technologies Inc. The stock could be classified as a quality and growth stock. The overall ranking is higher than its peers and sends a good signal.


Quebecor is the second company of our list. The interessing element with this business is its tremendous dividend growth. The dividend yield, not to be confused with the dividend per share, increased by 54% in the last 5-year. The company aggressively grew it’s dividend resulting in a higher dividend yield and the market didn’t increase as much as the dividend growth. The company has also solid earnings per share in the last year and the last 5-year.


This is the Economic Value Added section of Quebecor. The firm increased its NOPAT over the years, but also increased it’s EVA. The EVA can be seen as the value created by a company. Typically, some companies can growth their NOPAT, but engages in non-value generating activities which hurt shareholders in the long-term. In this case, the management intelligently used its capital to generate value.

Telus has the highest score of our Number Cruncher Extra. The performance score is close to 70 and at the same time the risk score is only at 36. With these scores, Telus has a great risk-return profile and a appreciable SP score of 65. The firm is more mature than the others and generated lower growth, but Telus also pays a 5% dividend which represent 64% of its net income. 5.5% growth in EPS and a 5% dividend could be seen as a 10.5% return for its shareholders.

The low risk score can be explained with its high and stable return on capital. It’s important to mention that the company increased it’s net operating profit after taxes (NOPAT) by 35% over 5-year which represents a 6.1% growth. The firm may not be the most exciting in terms of growth, but it is impressively solid.

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