Number Cruncher Extra

Number Cruncher Extra – Ten mining stocks to watch in Canada’s materials sector

By September 10, 2019 No Comments

Centerra Gold Inc. (CG) was briefly covered in the number cruncher written for the Globe and Mail earlier this week. Shareholders have enjoyed a steep rally in this stock’s price so far this year and from a fundamental stand point the company is pretty sustainable. By looking at its scorecard, we quickly notice the attractive positive outlook and the high SPscore.

Not only is the score above our 50% threshold, it also has increased by 7 % since last quarter which is a great sign. Both the Performance and Risk are in the green shaded area reflecting an undervalued stock (as can be seen on the Intrinsic Value versus Price graph) and an EVA uptrend.

Lastly, in terms of diversification, this stock will give our portfolio a Quality, Growth, and is a Low Risk stock compared to peers in the Canadian Materials sector.

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