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Number Cruncher Extra – Revisiting Canadian energy stocks in wake of Aramco attack

By September 25, 2019 No Comments

While looking over the results generated for the Globe and Mail number cruncher earlier this week, a great tip is to switch to Pfscan to get a comprehensive graph plotting all your results. This gives you an idea of how each company stands versus the rest of your findings.

For our screener focusing on Canadian Oil stocks, this is what we get:

We can easily see that the best wealth creating company is Parkland Fuel Corporation (PKI) since it is the highest company on the Y-axis. The Y-axis represents the Economic Performance Index which is the Return-on-Capital divided by Cost-of-Capital.

Also notice that it is on the right-hand side reflecting a discounted stock price.

In general, we want to avoid companies that are below the x-axis because that means that the company’s costs are too high to sustain. However, this depends on the sector. For the energy sector for example the costs of capital are huge and therefore the average Economic Performance Index would be lower than a more stable sector (such as Financials).

Lastly, companies that are in the bottom left are in the least attractive positioning, at the moment, since they’re returns are not covering their costs efficiently AND their stock is trading at a premium.

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