Product Update


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Filtering Companies Or Funds

The new screener is a user-friendly feature used to allow subscribers to filter stocks or funds according to a specific criterion. The following features have been included in the upgraded version:

  • Three different datasets to filter from:
    • Stockpointer (same criteria and data found on previous version)
    • StockGuide
    • Fund (data on Canadian funds and ETFs).
  • An “Export To CSV” feature.
  • New screen-able filters such as SPScore, Risk Score, and ratios such as Debt-Equity and Interest Coverage.
To start building a new screener, click “Create New Screener”
To select an existing screener, choose one from the list or type the name of the screener in the search box. Screeners can also be filtered by type (Saved or Predefined)

How to filter

Whether predefined or custom screeners, users will be able to screen for companies or funds using an array of different filters. The filters vary between the companies and funds given the different datasets. The filtering behavior and user experience between both datasets are similar, however. All filters can be adjusted based on user preferences.

Search stocks based on the price of the previous day close and on the market value of capital or search funds based on NAVPS and AUM.
“Add Filters” function provides additional criteria to be included in the screener.
Display of all selected filters. All filters are modifiable.
While modifying a criterion, either a slider or list will appear to facilitate editing. Can show or hide filters.
When all applicable filters have been selected, click “Search” to screen all companies in accordance with the searched criteria. “Save Screener” provides the capability to retain the screened companies for future use. “Export to CSV” is a new functionality that allows the screener results to be exported to a CSV file.
Screener results are displayed in a list view. PfScan view provides a visual representation of the results.