Optimizing Margin Accounts

For You

Take back control of your margins. With the new rules in place, Inovestor has the best and most efficient margin calculator on the market. Period.

Pre-trade, post trade, maintenance margin —

our calculator does it all.


Built on modern platforms leading to faster response times. Cloud-based for optimal scalability.


Optimized margin calculations with offsets and multi-legs options to offer optimal returns for broker-dealers.


Engineered following industry best practices with reliability to keep your data safe. Supports anonymous and tokenized information.


We strive to keep the lowest cost of ownership to run our products. And if you need our team, we are here 24/7 to assist you so that you are never left in the dark.

Enhanced Margin Lending.
Stay Compliant. Reduce Risks.

Easily meet your regulatory obligations. Then go further.

Optimal For Enterprise Wide Deployment

Optimize Margin Requirements

From regulatory requirements to syndication to trading desks to discount broker accounts, Inovestor does it all. We support equities, equities options, futures, and more financial instruments.

Multi-Account Support

Give Your Customers Flexibility

Our margin requirements allows buying power calculations based on firm’s risk tolerance, while allowing firms to optimize to the fullest extent of the new regulation.

  • Offer multi-account calculations

  • Maximize buying power

  • Allow multi-legs offsets

  • Permit margin based on pre-set metrics

  • Allow index ETF margin calculation

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