12,000+ ESG risk ratings and data,
now on the Inovestor for Advisors platform.

Stay ahead of the curve.
Generate valuable insights from ESG reports and include ESG analysis in your portfolio construction.

Understand potential risks and compare companies across sectors with ESG Analytics.

  • Access to 12,000+ equities reports
  • Add ESG ratings to your portfolios
  • View 6 specific screeners for ESG
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See insights on the corporate governance of an organization, their material ESG issues and more from one dashboard
Sustainalytics combs the news for controversies and incidents so you don’t have to
Screen product involvement according to specific criteria

Sustainalytics is the largest pure-play investment research and ratings firm dedicated to responsible investment and ESG research, with over 25 years of experience in the ESG and corporate governance fields.

Providing a mix of quantitative and qualitative content and tools, including ESG analysis in your portfolio construction ensures you and your clients understand potential risks and can compare companies across sectors. 

Incorporate sustainable strategies

With the Sustainalytics add-on for Inovestor for Advisors, you can:

Advise clients of possible risks and controversies

Add ESG ratings to your portfolios

View 6 specific screeners for ESG

Access Sustainalytics’ 12,000+ ESG risk ratings by subscribing to the Inovestor for Advisors platform, which now offers ESG risk ratings in addition to investment research, idea generation, model portfolio options and portfolio analytics.

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Overview This post details the changes that went into production for Inovestor For Advisors on June 16th, 2022: Enhancement 1 Mutual Fund Style and Risk Statistics You can now identify…