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We manage and customize multiple cloud-based applications to fulfill your needs.

Our Specialties

Trading Simulator

The Closest To The Real Thing

The same engine that drives our Professional Series portfolios, serves as the backbone of the trading simulator. Just like a trading application, it uses FIX protocol and complex algorithm to calculate margin requirements. It is the most advanced simulator on the market. The simulator is used by academics to help train the students and is currently live on the Montreal Exchange and TMX websites.

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Options Calculator

View The Value Of Options

Our option calculator is must-have for any website selling options. Using Black Sholes Option Pricing Model,  it evaluates the value of any position.

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Future Contracts Rollover

Timing Is Everything

In this example, you can see SXF contract rollovers.

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IPO Center

A View To The IPO World

The IPO center is a full-featured application, allowing firms to increase speed and efficiency to distribute IPO internally. Inovestor manages all aspects of the IPO offering until the first day of trading.

From there you manage distribution and allocation to your financial advisors and/or customers.

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New Issues Center

Distribution At your Fingertip

Just like the IPO center, the New Issues Center displays deals while simultaneously allowing you to present second or more offerings. This product is more customizable than the IPO center while providing the same standardization. The New Issue Center can be displayed in the Inovestor for Advisors Enterprise Edition.

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WRAP Accounts Center

A Better Guide To Investing

Our WRAP Accounts Center gives you access to professional presentations material where the compliance and marketing guidelines are widespread. You can distribute institutional products or your own in a standardized manner.

The product can be linked to Inovestor GRiD to manage users and roles. This gives you endless possibilities and total control on what is provided to your customers and prospects.

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