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Covering the American and Canadian markets, we collect and normalize financial statements since 1986. A leader in interpreting and creating analytics using XBRL, we have extensive knowledge on taxonomies and data adjustments. Whether reported or normalized data is required, Inovestor can deliver information rapidly.

Who are we

Inovestor’s experienced team of data specialists have provided major financial institutions with high-quality fundamental data and research since 1986. White papers and research projects can only be as accurate as the data they rely on.

What we do

Since its creation, Inovestor has continuously and strategically invested in its proprietary financial databases and its quality assurance systems. These results include over 250 standardized data fields available for each company going back more than 30 years.

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Stock Guide

Stock Guide offers financial information and analytics on US and Canadian companies. In 2007, Inovestor fully embraced the SEC’s XBRL filings and all our applications now support XBRL taxonomy. Our first public distribution on XBRL fundamentals started in 2013 and we now cover every single filer from the SEC.

In June 2017, we launched normalized US fundamentals using SEC filings that gives you more flexibility and granularity than any tier 1 vendors.

Tracking IPOs since 2000

IPO Datasets

Tracking all Initial Public Offerings since January 2000, from the preliminary prospectus to the IPO date, track data about the issuer and underwriters.

Get insights on the ETF market

ETF Database

With more than $100B of Canadian AUM invested in ETFs, centralizing the information on all ETF providers in one platform is crucial.

Historical data since 1990

Market Data

Access a complete set of market data on major markets with enough data to create historical charts, stock quotes, and more. We are a market data redistributor of ICE.

Redistribution free industry classification

Stock Guide Industry Classification

In the early 1990’s, Inovestor created its own Industry Classification with SIC and NAICS mapping. It is a two tier classification with 11 sectors and less than a hundred sub-sectors and our classification system is redistribution free product under GPL.

Alpha generating scoring system


The StockPointer model has been the engine of Inovestor, creating wealth for many investors. Access an in-depth data set based on the economic profit approach.

As filed data from the SEC's XBRL with some modifications.

US Fundamentals

Our XBRL dataset uses as filed data from the SEC, but we make some corrections and calculate Q4. So when you subscribe you can get Quarterly, TTM and Annual data under the same dataset.

When we can find an amazing database, we don't try to replicate it. We use it!


We resell data from a variety of vendors, but just to name a few:

  • Nasdaq’s Dorsey Wright
  • Wall Street Horizon
  • Fundata
  • and many more…