Rise above the trends with unparalleled insights

We are unique in the Industry because we collect our own data.

We Provide Two Types Of Reports

There are two ways to analyze a company

Using StockPointer’s methodology, the Scorecards allows you to analyze a company using Quality and Value perspective.

On the other hand, the full report looks at the economic profit of a company.

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Score Card
  • Medium Businesses
  • Freelance Designers
  • College Students
  • Sorta Athletes
  • Dairy Farmers
Full Report
  • Medium Businesses
  • Freelance Designers
  • College Students
  • Sorta Athletes
  • Dairy Farmers

A factor-based ranking model

Our proprietary scoring system StockPointer® uses multi factors to generate performance.

  • 12 key factor
  • Fundamental indicators
  • Risk metrics

Assess a company’s ability to create wealth for its shareholders. Compare its valuation and business model stability.

Market Trends

Tracking trends over time

Identify sector momentum to optimize returns

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Risk Ratings

Our proprietary risk assessment is based on our acclaimed StockPointer® analytical score. Using our model, we look at different accounting fields and derived indicators to calculate the risk involved in investing in a particular company. Price volatility, business model stability, leverage and valuation multiples are part of the indicators we use to calculate the risk rankings every day.

Price / Intrinsic Value


Future Growth Value (FGV)


Business Model Variability


Price Variation


Debt Ratio

No Matter What

Invest in our Guided Model Portfolios with confidence.

Model Portfolios
3 Model Portfolios

  • US, Cad and ADR
  • 25 Stocks each
  • Quarterly re-balancing
  • Detailed information
From the application, you have access to 2 pagers and a complete section to manage effectively.

  • Performance
  • Transactions
  • Holdings
  • Description
Receive quarterly trade information to act on it.

  • Ins and outs
  • Percentage
  • Reason(s) for the transaction
More Features
For the more savvy Advisor, we offer more information and customization for the Guide Portfolios
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Identify undervalue and overpriced stocks

Quick Diagnostic Of Portfolio Performance

Screen for stocks that underperform and focus on wealth generators. Our diagnosis tools provide visual snapshots of entire portfolio’s constituents. The PF Scan identifies:

  • Expensive / High Performance
  • Expensive / Low Performance
  • Discounted / High Performance
  • Discounted / Low Performance
Benchmark portfolios against indices

Tracking Overall Performance

Maintaining higher quality portfolio and better valuations are important to beat benchmarks.

Compare easily:

  • Your portfolio’s wealth creation rate versus the benchmark
  • The discount/premium embedded in your stock versus the benchmark
Improve decision making

Optimize Portfolio Performance

In less than 5 minutes, our Portfolio Diagnostics tool allows you to build a portfolio with proper weightings to analyze its overall quality in an easy-to-read table.

  • Sort equities by performance, risk, and overall score
  • Identify companies trading at high discounts or premiums
  • See how scores changed over the last quarter

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