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Number Cruncher Extra – Eleven U.S. energy stocks poised to withstand oil-price volatility

By May 7, 2019 No Comments

We touched briefly on Occidental Petroleum (OXY) in this week’s Globe and Mail article where we concluded it was a solid company in the US energy sector with healthy fundamentals. To carry out the analysis using the company’s scorecard, first thing we want to look at is the fundamental outlook and the SPscore.

SPscore: proprietary scoring system. We look for a score above 50%
Change in score since last quarter
Previous Spscore was 45%

For OXY we have a neutral outlook so neither a strong buy nor a strong sell. The score is interesting , it is above 50% which is good but what’s more attractive is that the score rose by 9% since last quarter (previous score = 45).

The stock is still slightly overvalued, given by the blue line being above the green line.

This is re-confirmed in the FGV/MV graph, where the blue bar appears above the green bar, indicating a premium. What we do notice from this graph, is that the premium decreased a lot recently as compared to previous years.

OXY’s operations are sustainable. Profits are rising steadily since 2016 and the company’s operations are healthy since the EVA is rising steadily as well. This means that the company’s profits are rising at a faster rate than the costs of capital which is ideal for a potential investment.

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