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We have been servicing Medias and Publicly Traded Companies since 2000. Today, we are proud to have continuously served you for over 18 years.

Years Of Experience

Inovestor has been serving Medias, Publicly Traded Companies, Fintechs and Academics for many years. We have developped our products to be the perfect fit to your needs.

We Offer The Latest Technology

Our solutions are built on modern platforms leading to faster response time. We use the latest technology to ensure secure pratice.

We understand you and our goal is to transform your financial information into a profit center.

Market Insights

Inovestor is the ideal partner for media companies, as we are more than just a supplier of financial information. Inovestor provide unique content and material that helps you deliver better stories.

We currently help Medias with more than just financial widgets that add value to your readers, we can provide articles on various topics ( ETF, IPO, Market Overviews) on a regular basis, and provide research analysis for journalists with data mining (such as management compensation). Get in touch with us to learn how you can transform this cost center into a profit center.

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Flexible, Reliable, and Affordable

Market Insights empowers your financial website with extensive content and lets you fully customize the look & feel of your service.

Technology and Safety

Our solutions are built on a modern platform leading to faster response times and deployment. We use the latest HTML5 technology to provide remarkable and security features.

Market Insights

Market Insights is the perfect solution to anyone that wants to add financial information and content in any possible ways.

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Live market data
Fundamental information and analytics
Dynamic Charts
No Matter What

We help you broadcast your brand

As a publicly traded company, the need to generate trading activity is important to maximize the stock prices. We can provide tools to broadcast the fact that your company is publicly traded and we can show off your financials to institutional investors and financial websites.


Get your company listed in our database. We offer this service to small caps that normally do not meet our coverage requirements. Contact us if your company is not in our demo site and you want to be seen by analysts, portfolio managers and retail investors.
Even if your company does not meet our coverage requirements, we can initiate the coverage of your company when you subscribe to our service. And start showing up on screens from institutional investors, advisors and retail investors. There is no better way to shine.

Investor Relations

  • Add Dynamic charts
  • Display Financial information
  • Stock quotes
  • Historical prices
  • Options chains available
  • Setup in less than 5 minutes
  • Sample code provided

There are no better ways to fully add data. Packages start at $95

Add charts to your investor page
Add stock quotes to any pages you want

Sleepless Nights


Equity Sweat


Stress Level


First Product Completion


Your Apps can only be as good as the data they rely on

Inovestor was born a Fintech and today is one of the largest Canadian Fintech with transnational operations and is the only firm with an end to end capability to provide services to you.

Inovestor can provide our services at a deep discount for firms with no institutional investments and startups. Contact us for more details.

Stunning Information & Insights

For research, analysis or simply for Reference, we provide a to students the tools and information to be the future of the financial sector.


We provide our factor based data for in-depth research.


Access StockGuide and Analytics through our Academic platform to access the most complete Canadian database of publicly traded companies with historical data from 1986.

Trading Simulator

From the most advanced options’ multi-leg strategies to a simple stock, our trading simulator is one of the most advanced on the market.

Advanced Interface

School management can assign licences to individuals or assign floating licenses to specific group. Also our system allows IP filtering to provide access remotely to students and professors.

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Our Range Of Products

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.