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Inovestor Partners With Other Companies To Offer You Investible Products

Inovestor licenses its solutions to companies offering products in which you can invest directly.

Our partnerships with Horizons ETF, Inovestor Asset Management and Nasdaq allow you to invest in different solutions.

Inovestor does not offer any products in which you can invest directly.


We are proud to be a part of the launch of the Horizons Inovestor Canadian Equity ETF (INOC) on November 14, 2017.

For more information on the INOC ETF, visit the Inovestor Asset Management website or the Horizons ETFs website.

Inovestor Asset ManagementHorizons ETFs INOC

Inovestor has developed an expertise in creating factor-based indices. Since our first index launched in January 2000, we have created more than 15 indices. In 2016 we launched a family of indices in Partnership with Nasdaq, which leads to the launch of TSX:INOC

Nasdaq Inovestor Indices

In 2016, Inovestor signed a partnership with Nasdaq to co-develop factor-based indices. The first indices were launched on November 21st of the same year.

Inovestor is closely working with Nasdaq to launch the second series of indices, set to launch in Q4 2017.

If you are interested in having us create custom indices, where you plan to invest assets following them, we will gladly assist you.

If you need more information on Inovestor’s driven Nasdaq indices, please visit Nasdaq’s website.


Inovestor Indices

Tracking trends over time

Since 2000, we track the performance of a variety of products and you can track the performance of over 10 indices.

  • Canada Large Cap 100
  • Canada Large Cap 50
  • Canada Large Cap 25
  • Canada Mid-Cap 25
  • Canada 30
  • US Large Cap 100
  • US Mid-Cap 100
  • US Large 50
  • US Large 25
  • US 30
  • Global 50

Inovestor can create custom indices to specifically track factor based data an track our Stock Guide Industry Classification sectors.

No Matter What You Need

We can fulfill your most complex requests

You have your methodology, and we couldn’t agree more.  This is why we can have your ideas back tested and implemented in our institutional grade process.

This service is offered in the province of Quebec and Ontario only for the moment.

  • Over 15 years
  • Multiple Frequencies
  • US and Canadian Markets
  • Multi Factors Capable
Our Specialties
  • Fully Tested Portfolios
  • Market Commentary
  • Full Data Downloads
  • Trading Instructions
  • Over 500 Factors Tested
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • Competent Staff
  • Professional Service
That type of service is unique because you are unique. We simply use our rigorous methodology to ensure that you get the best service around.

The service is only available in Canada in the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec for the moment.

Separately Managed Accounts

Get All The Benefits Of Our StockPointer Model Portfolios

Inovestor Asset Management is licensed to provide SMA services to your firm.

Visit Inovestor Asset Management’s website for more information.

Inovestor Asset Management

If you are interested in investible products, contact us and we will refer to the right partner.

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