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Over the years, we have provided products and services to help you and your clients access trading information and opportunities.

For Advisors

Unparalleled market insights.
Winning stock picks.
A professional tool to help your Advisors see through market trends and pick the right investments. This product allows you to help your employees keep standards throughout their communications.

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For Research

StockGuide is the world's most powerful, accurate and thorough software for mining and screening critical financial data on Canadian companies. Provide redistribution free information to customers without paying royalties. We have fundamental information in US and Canadian companies and industry classification product.

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For Operations

Inovestor's GRID is a powerful yet simple product that links data and users to simplify license Management and increase distribution of your products.
The platform helps you distribute your content and external content from a single source thus preventing paying twice for the same content.

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The Core Of Inovestor

Data is in our DNA

Since our humble beginnings, Inovestor creates content, from IPO to fundamental data to analytics to portfolios. Today, we provide an extensive range of information through state-of-the-art distribution platform.

Inovestor owns most of the content we sell. It is produced locally with no oversee outsourcing.  Shop local.

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Fundamental Data

  • Over 13k companies
  • Historical data from 1986
  • Delisted companies info
  • US and Canada coverage

Industry Information

  • IPO Information
  • ETF Martket Information
  • Industry Classification
  • Market Information


  • StockPointer
  • Factor based analytics
  • ETF analytics
  • Portfolio analytics

Model Portfolios

  • US, Canada and Global
  • Factor based models
  • Portfolio metrics

Inovestor Asset Management distributes investible products using our proprietary information and technologies. We can license our analytics, data, indices and guided model portfolios and tailor them to your needs.

Inovestor Asset Management is registered in Quebec and Ontario, Canada.

Legal Notice to U.S. Persons: Inovestor or Inovestor Asset Management does not provide investment advisory services, or offer investment funds in the United States or to U.S. residents.

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We provide research on over 9,000 securities based on factors tested since 2000.  Our most requested research is based on StockPointer, a 12 factors model. We provide a 1-page summary report or the full report.

StockPointer Research

Launched in 1999, the StockPointer model has generated impressive returns steadily over a long period. We provide bi-weekly research reports on corporations and publish our research on multiple platforms to various organizations.

4 Pages Research Report

We cover over 9,000 corporations and provide meaningful research reports that allow readers to make investment decisions based on the results.

Factor Based Research

Stocks or ETF, we can provide factor based research using our proprietary models and product specific research. Scoring systems and analysis reports can be distributed.


Scorecards reports are available and allows users to do a quick assessment on a company

We Are Commited To Quality

Creator of quality and complex products

We have demonstrated our ability to produce quality products at reasonable prices. With various complexity. We are looking for custom products development that either uses our data or come with maintenance contracts.

We Always Deliver

We are overachievers looking for challenges

No project is too small or large, too simple or too complex; we do not shy away from complexity. Our almost 20 years of product developments brought us both challenges and experiences, and we can help you achieve your goals.

We have successfully completed a variety of projects ranging from a few hundred hours to very large projects for Fortune 500 companies.


Fintech Pionneer

Inovestor is not just about technology or finance, indeed our first motto was “Fusion of Finance and Technology”. Since 1999, our goal is to provide to financial institutions a fully integrated experience.



Unlike most fintechs today, Inovestor has been working and providing products and services for almost 20 years. When you decide to use Inovestor, you rely on a solid and experienced team with an extensive knowledge of data, security, and technology.



A majority of Financial firms trust Inovestor. A financially sound company with a history of generating positive earning, you can trust Inovestor for the long run.



Our leadership is committed to innovation. It’s in our name and in our veins. When you work with Inovestor, you have a guarantee that you are working with one of the most innovative products in the market.

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