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Achieve Higher Returns

With Inovestor For Advisors, you will find solutions to beat the benchmark and achieve higher returns.

Engage Customers Better

With our ready to serve content, you can communicate and help your clients better.

Free Up Your Time

Our products are aimed at simplifying your daily tasks while improving your processes

Think of us as your personal assistant for stock analysis, portfolio management and customer presentations.

In this challenging industry with strict compliance requirements, increased complexity in financial instruments, and demanding customers, Inovestor helps you attain improved processes, better customer service, and higher returns.

What we can help you achieve

Better returns | Improved communications with your customers | Faster analysis | Standing out in the crowd

Impressive Track Record

  • Outperformed 80% Quarters
  • Low turnover
  • Easy to master
  • Low maintenance
  • Global, US and Canada coverage

Boost Customer Confidence

  • Easy to understand methodology
  • Unbiased analysis
  • Broad coverage (+9,000)
  • Full quarterly report
  • Full transactions reports

Prospecting Tool

  • Top Customer Support
  • Send research to your customer
  • Benchmark portfolios
  • Analyze prospect’s overall performance

And More

  • Compliance friendly
  • Affordable
  • Full phone and web support
  • Proven track record

Web Platform

Access today the next generation of Advisor Platform, engineered to maximise returns while minimizing effort.


We provide a suite of research from our exclusive Inovestor For Advisors to ETF research, and we can help you find the hidden gem.

Investible Products

Invest in products that use our technology and models.


You have ideas or you need our help to have customized model portfolios or specific factor based ideas. Let us help you.

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Generate Excess Returns

StockPointer has been delivering excess returns since its inception. Our model portfolio has returned over 7.6% annualized alpha over the S&P/TSX Total Return for almost 10 years, beating the index quarterly over 80% of the time.

Convert Prospects Faster

Using our portfolio analytics, you can visually identify poor past investments and identify alternative investments.

Customers love it, and a single 1 million dollars account conversion pays for the service FOREVER

Improved Efficiency

Free up your time with our easy to read analytic reports on over 9000 equities. Improve communication and transparency with your customers using our guided portfolios and offer a broader spectrum of products using the same methodology.